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The Real Impact of Contact Lens Wear - Scottsdale Eyeology - Optometrist

The most apparent things that come to mind when considering the advantages of using contact lenses are eyesight and attractiveness. In fact, over 80% of respondents claim that using contact lenses makes them feel more attractive. Although that’s fantastic news, there’s more to the tale. Wearers of contact lenses report considerably more advantages than aesthetics. People of all ages and genders, for instance, concur that using contact lenses enhances their quality of life and gives them a variety of unique powers.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the science and market research behind contact lens and explore the impact of contact lens wear. Read on to learn how an Optometrist in Scottsdale, AZ plays a crucial role in protecting our vision.

Benefits You Never Imagined

A new international online poll with over 35,000 participants, including 5,347 contact lens wearers, looked closely at some of the deeper emotional benefits of using contact lenses and discovered a plethora of fascinating information1.

As you may feel more confident when you look better, it’s not surprising that over 80% of respondents said that using contact lenses boosts their confidence. Remember: looking put together and applying a ton of cosmetics are not necessary for feeling confident. Indeed, over 90% of respondents concur that they appear natural when wearing contact lenses.

Wearing contact lenses has so many advantages that almost 90% of people say they can now enjoy life more freely and with a higher quality of life. Furthermore, those who wear their contact lenses more regularly see even greater effects from them. More often than the norm, those who wear their lenses four to seven days a week agreed with the advantages of doing so. About 80% of wearers concur with these profound, emotional advantages for practically every category, from enhanced quality of life to feeling more confident, including the perception that contact lenses provide better vision than spectacles.

To be clear, a minor portion of the population was not examined in this survey. Rather, a wide range of people took part. When questioned about the advantages of using contact lenses, for instance, men and women agreed quite highly (such as feeling attractive, confident, younger, and more like themselves).

All age groups showed a significant degree of agreement as well. Young contact lens wearers have also shown striking similarities to the benefits described in this recent survey in the past. Along with an enhanced quality of life, children and teenagers often report better physical attractiveness, athletic ability, and social acceptance.

Some People Are Still Missing Out

Regretfully, most people who still need vision correction use only spectacles. Ask your eye care specialist to fit your contact lenses if you don’t want to be one of them.

The adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is well known. This strategy is occasionally used even by eye care specialists. It’s probable that no one in the office will ask you to test wearing contact lenses if you appear content and don’t show any interest in doing so. Make sure you give the office a call ahead of time to let them know you would want to be considered for a contact lens fitting assessment. These must be scheduled ahead of time in certain practices.

As a wearer of contact lenses, what can you anticipate? Eight out of ten respondents concur that wearing contact lenses improves vision over wearing glasses. When wearing contact lenses instead of glasses, most people who wear them concur that they feel more like themselves.

Contact lens wearers of all ages can benefit from a wide range of advantages. Give your Optometrist a call right now if you’re not already experiencing the benefits. You can schedule your visit to Scottsdale Eyeology for a clear, healthy vision with advanced optometric services in Scottsdale, AZ. 

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