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Common Myths About Contact Lenses

Are you considering contact lenses but are put off by some of the rumors floating around? Fear not, friends! We’re here to debunk the 11 most common myths about contact lenses. From discomfort to blindness, we’ll address it all and set the record straight on this life-changing technology. So stick with us as we delve into these misconceptions and reveal the truth about contacts.

If you wear contact lenses, you’re probably used to hearing all sorts of myths about them. People tend to believe all sorts of things that simply aren’t true! We’re going to debunk some of the most common myths about contact lenses.

Myth #1: Contact Lenses are Uncomfortable

One of the most common myths about contact lenses is that they are uncomfortable. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Contact lenses are actually quite comfortable, and most people don’t even notice they’re wearing them after a short while. If you’re having trouble with discomfort, be sure to talk to your eye care professional about the best way to adjust to wearing contacts.

Myth #2: Contact Lenses Can Get Lost Behind Your Eyes

Contact lenses cannot get lost behind your eyes. The reason is that the back of your eyeball is concave. Think of it like a spoon. There’s no way for a contact lens to get lost “behind” because it would just fall out the front.

Myth #3: Wearing Contacts Will Damage my Vision

There is a common worry that contact lenses will somehow damage the eyes or cause vision problems. However, this is not the case! Contacts are actually very safe to wear, and they do not cause any permanent damage to the eyes. In fact, wearing contacts can actually improve your vision!

Contacts are made of a soft, flexible material that is designed to be safe for the eyes. They are also typically made of hypoallergenic material, so they are unlikely to cause any irritation or allergic reaction. When properly cared for, contacts can be worn safely and comfortably for many years.

Myth #4: You Don’t Need to Clean Contact Lenses

One of the most common myths about contact lenses is that you don’t need to clean them. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Contact lenses are a breeding ground for bacteria, and if not cleaned properly, can lead to serious eye infections. Always wash your hands before handling your lenses, and make sure to clean your lenses with lens solution (never water!) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Myth #5: You Should Wear Contacts for Longer than Recommended

If you wear contacts, you’ve probably been told by well-meaning friends or family members that it’s okay to push the boundaries on how long you can wear them. After all, if they’re comfortable and not causing any problems, what harm could there be in wearing them a little longer than recommended?

As it turns out, there can be quite a bit of harm in wearing contacts for too long. Leaving them in for extended periods of time can lead to serious eye infections and other health problems. It’s important to follow the recommended replacement schedule for your specific type of contacts to avoid these risks.

Myth #6: You Need to Replace Contacts Regularly

One of the most common myths about contact lenses is that you need to replace them regularly. This simply isn’t true! You can use the same pair of contacts for years, as long as they’re properly cared for. Of course, if you have a prescription that changes frequently, you’ll need to get new lenses more often. But overall, there’s no need to regularly replace your contacts.

Myth #7: You can’t swim or shower with contact lenses

One of the most common myths about contact lenses is that you can’t swim or shower with them. This is simply not true! You can wear your contact lenses while swimming or showering, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, be sure to use clean water when rinsing your lenses after swimming or showering. And second, avoid getting soap or shampoo on your lenses, as this can cause irritation.

Myth #8: People with Astigmatism Can’t Wear Contacts

While it is true that people with astigmatism may have a harder time finding contacts that fit well, there are many options available on the market today. There are even contacts specifically designed for people with astigmatism. If you have astigmatism and are interested in wearing contacts, talk to your eye care professional to find the best option for you.

Myth #9: You Shouldn’t Sleep in Contacts

It is a common myth that you should not sleep with contact lenses. However, this is not necessarily true. While it is not recommended to sleep in contacts regularly, there are certain types of contacts that are designed to be worn overnight. These contacts are typically made of a material that is more comfortable and breathable than traditional contacts, and they can be worn for up to 30 days at a time. If you have questions about whether or not it is safe to sleep in your particular type of contact lenses, please consult your eye care professional.

Myth #10: Contact Lenses Require Lots Of Maintenance

Contact lenses require some amount of upkeep, but it is often not as much as people think. One of the most important things to do is to clean and disinfect your lenses every day. This helps to prevent any build-up of bacteria on the lenses which can lead to eye infections. Additionally, you should also make sure to store your lenses in a clean case with a fresh solution when not in use. Every few months, you will need to get new contact lenses or replace your current ones. Your optometrist can help you determine how often this needs to happen based on your individual circumstances.

 Myth #11: Men Cannot Wear Contact Lenses

This is one of the most common myths about contact lenses. Men CAN wear contact lenses, and they are just as comfortable as they are for women. In fact, many men find that wearing contact lenses is a great way to improve their vision without having to wear glasses.

Source – Lenskart