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contact lenses in scottsdale

Nearly 45 million Americans wear contact lenses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We want to clarify their attraction if you’ve never worn them or if you’re unsure of their benefits compared to a stylish set of glasses or a pair of prescription sunglasses. They are controlled because they come into touch with your eye, and misuse of them could result in issues and eye illness. But the right contact lenses can offer a few fantastic benefits that we’d like to discuss, mainly if they are properly prescribed and fitted by your optometrist in Scottsdale. Our optometrists at Scottsdale Eyeology have provided a few advantages in this blog.

How To Use Contact Lenses?

When wearing or using contact lenses, you must establish excellent behaviors. Before handling your contact lenses, always ensure your hands are clean unless your Scottsdale optometrist directs you to, and never go to sleep wearing your contact lenses. Contact lenses are also not advised while bathing, using a hot tub, or swimming. Last but not least, always travel with a contact lens solution. Keep your contact lenses in top shape and your eyes clean with these easy techniques.

Benefits Of Using Contact Lenses

Due to all the benefits they offer, contact lenses, in particular, are a preferred choice. Your favorite optometrist in Scottsdale has provided the benefits below for better understanding.

Improved Vision

Astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness are just a few refractive abnormalities most contact lenses intend to address. Additionally, there are specialty lenses that are created to meet particular requirements. Scleral lenses, for instance, have a greater diameter and are therefore perfect for people with irregular corneas.

Cosmetic Benefits

Contact lenses are available in various hues, another fantastic feature. This allows you to visualize how different eye colors would change your appearance. But for costume contact lenses, we suggest first talking to your Scottsdale optometrist. We could determine if they are secure to use, lowering your chance of issues from lens use.

Comfortable Choice

Thanks to technological advancements, contact lenses are available in various materials to protect your eyes and provide comfort. For instance, hybrid contact lenses combine the best aspects of both stiff and soft lenses. Their soft lens skirt lessens eye pain, while their sturdy center keeps your vision clear.

Feels Normal

When you use contact lenses, you experience a sense of normalcy. They are ideal for any weather because they won’t cause your eyesight to be obscured by water splashes, fog, or steam. You are free to carry out your everyday activities or hobbies while they are safely applied to your eyes.

Wider Visual Access

Since contact lenses are applied directly to your cornea, your central and peripheral vision will be unfettered. Utilizing contacts is also associated with lessened glare reflections and picture distortions.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about contact lenses. Book an appointment with us at Scottsdale Eyeology if you are looking for the best contact lenses in Scottsdale, AZ.